K.E.A. Weapons Systems grew out of a passion for the “black rifle” between two very passionate  AR 15 enthusiasts- Curt Prejean and Todd Edwards.




Todd, a multiple Purple Heart recipient in Iraq, saw the power, the reliability and the beauty of the AR in his experience with the M4 during his deployments.  Curt, had been a long time AR enthusiast, taking many tactical shooting courses around the country.  They met during a course in Shreveport, discussed the AR’s they had and had seen, overseas, and around the country.  The desire to have the “ultimate AR” was palpable and the idea of teaming up to build great AR’s was born. 


The saying that “all things are created twice—first mentally, then physically” is certainly true for KEA Weapons Systems.  We began by researching the best components and manufacturers in the USA.   Multiple test models were build, tested and shot to see “what really works”, the appropriate permits and licenses were obtained.  Discussions with military, law enforcement and top 3 gun shooters were held to see what people really wanted and needed in a AR.  What we found, was what we had always known.  AR shooters what an accurate, reliable, dependable rifle that is fun to shoot and looks great.  We have taken that knowledge, experience  and passion to create KEA Weapons Systems to build the best AR’s on the planet.


As we built and tested our rifles a few friends, fellow shooters and lawmen saw what great AR’s we were building and as any AR enthusiast would do “wanted one”. We have been careful to avoid the temptation to compete with the “big off the rack” manufacturers.  We are not interested in that quality level.  We build all of our AR’s  from the ground up, by hand like it was going in our gun safe—in fact more than a few have landed there! ( Yes, it hard to separate from one of your “children” or as Curt calls them “his little black babies”.) 

Our Guarantee:

K.E.A. Weapons Systems is dedicated to building the best AR rifles on the planet.  We build every AR like it is going with us to the range, to a combat course, to police/SWAT training, in our friend’s police cars and into the gun safes of our best friends.  We guarantee that all of our guns are hand built and perform to our highest expectation.  We test fire every AR we make to ensure that it functions safely and reliably.  We are constantly striving to build “the best AR” that we know how.  We are always testing and thinking how can we improve. We want you, our client to love your AR as much as we do ours--- after all each one we build is “ours” before it is yours.  So, if there is an issue your AR, we want to know—we will make it right--- that is our 100% guarantee to you.




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