Curt Prejean and Todd Edwards.  






Curt Prejean

I am a long time AR platform fan.  I love the “black rifle”  I have a background as a surgeon , so I am all about precision and attention to detail.  I have over time taken many Armorer courses and continue to seek instruction from the best in the country.  As I acquired AR’s from various manufacturers, I saw what I liked and what really worked.  I have trained with the best shooting schools and during the training sessions have seen the best—and sometimes the worst of what an AR can be.  I wanted to build great AR’s for myself.  An AR that was highly accurate and highly dependable.  The idea for KEA was born as I learned about what makes a great AR and how a great AR functions in high stress shooting environments such as courses offered at the top shooting schools and with SWAT teams that I have had the priviledge of working with.  I have also been very fortunate to work with former Navy SEALS, ex DELTA operators and other members of our armed services who have been in combat and know what makes a great AR.  I have done my best to learn and to take that knowledge from these heroes and pour it in to every KEA Weapons Systems AR we build.  Additionally, in my quest to build the one of the best AR’s on the planet,  I have come into contact with some of the best manufacturers in the business.  They have been generous with their advice, as well as pointing me in the right direction with their outstanding products/components that we utilize in our AR rifles.


Lastly, I have been blessed to meet my partner, Todd Edwards.  If anyone is as passionate about AR’s as I am, it has to be Todd.  Todd is an US Army combat veteran with multiple Purple Hearts from his service in Iraq.  I met him in some combat AR courses and a great friendship was born.  Todd is the local police department chief armorer for the departments AR rifles and Glock pistols.  I am very fortunate to have him as a partner and I could go on and on about what a great gunman he is, his depth of knowledge of the AR platform and what a great guy he is, but I’ll let him tell you in his biography and  even better in the gun he and I will  build for you.


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