The love of shooting and building a great AR is the heart of our  “boutique” custom AR  rifle/carbine building and customization business.




We are both very passionate about the rifles we build and hand build each and every one ourselves--- that is for all models we currently offer.   We are perfectionists and do not anything “half-ass”.  We want all of the rifles we build to shoot to the best of any AR made.   If it is not perfect, we will make it perfect before we ship it.  All of our AR’s are test fired for function and safety and have one 30 round mag run to ensure that the gun cycles correctly.  We then clean it, lubricate it and then we transfer it to you.

In our minds all guns are “tools”.   Our AR’s are build with this philosophy in mind we offer several models.  While, all of our guns can and do serve multiple purposes, each is designed and build with a specific purpose in mind.  We ask our clients what they intend to use the rifle for---from an entry level AR for fun shooting all the way to a long distance designated rifleman/sniper or first rate “3 gun competition” AR  We discuss the options, the best components we know and that we have tested.  We can tell you what we think works best, but we are happy to custom build a rifle with the components the client prefers.    For clients who wish to “upgrade” their AR we offer the finest components that we have tested and found to work in “real world” scenarios.  We have options for the officer on the street, the 3 gunner looking to compete at the highest level, the hunter looking for a fast, ultimate “pig” killing machine or the first time AR shooter.


We use the best components on the market and all of our components are manufactured in the USA.  We recognize that not every one wants or needs the best of the best, but we still strive to utilize the highest quality components in all of our guns and we can guarantee our clients that the same passion, precision and attention to detail we use in our top of the line models is used in our entry models.  

We are extremely proud of every gun we build, we are constantly testing new components and  will let you know what we find works, what is hype and what we think will give you the AR you are looking for and fulfills your need..  We love the AR and you will love your KEA Weapons Systems  AR--- guaranteed!

We have ATF license to build and sell all levels of AR platforms, including NFA or class 3 AR, which includes short barrel AR”s  and full auto AR’s.  The full auto is available only to LE and military with the required paper work.  The other NFA or class 3 AR’s such as a short barrel AR, (i.e., a barrel less than 16 inches as measured from the receiver to the end of the muzzle brake)  can be sold to private citizens but requires the appropriate ATF tax stamp and permit.  We can also handle transfers and class 3 equipment such as suppressors.  Todd is the local police department armorer for Glock, so we also offer Glock pistol work. 

We use the best components on the market and all of our components are manufactured in the USA.




Get in touch if you have questions or would like to have us

build you a world-class AR 10/15 or upgrade your current rifle.
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