AR Models

We offer the following “models”.  All are hand-built to exacting standards and passion.


Any of the models can be upgraded. Some of the options cost more than others.  Please see our price sheet for compariso  ns and choices.  We are happy to discuss your desired KEA AR, make suggestions and if needed “customize” your AR. The models we offer at this time are:


Our top end receiver sets are build for us by Sun Devil Manufacturing. You can check them out on line( --- and read about their high quality Billet cut AR match receiver sets.  They offer the standard black, but we can also have a variety of colors—Burgandy, Blue, “Devil Coat” which is silver, OD Green, Purple, Pink and Tan.  See our custom build page to see some of their colors.  For our truck gun, we use Noveske Chainsaw Lower. Noveske is a great company and have been great to work with as we have been building our company. Their “Chainsaw Lower is their generation one lower that has a small blemish or nick. We have several personal guns build with this lower and the guns shoot great and you really have to look hard to find what they call a blemish. If you like we can build you a KEA Lower and order you a complete Noveske upper. Again, I have several AR’s with a KEA custom lower and a Noveske upper. You can check out Noveske at We have also used lowers from DMPS, which in our testing have functioned well.  We have not had any issues with the DMPS lowers matching our KEA uppers or our other preferred upper from Vltor.


We also use a variety of barrels, depending on the model price and the indented use of the AR.  

  •     Chrome lined—Daniel Defense, Noveske

  •     Non Chrome lined-Noveske, Lijah, Brux, and Kreieger.  


Lastly, as noted, we want our AR’s to shoot very accurately ( hence our barrel options) but also be easy to maintain, be tough and be as easy to maintain as possible.  So we offer the option of having your barrel coated by Birdsong. There coating is beautiful and protects your beautiful AR barrel from the elements. Bird song has many colors and can do a custom job for you. 





Get in touch if you have questions or would like to have us

build you a world-class AR 10/15 or upgrade your current rifle.
We look forward to hearing and working with you.